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Project Brief

Saving Corner provides the audience with the second source of income. It acts as a connecting network between big financial companies and its users. It partners with 100+ companies such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Reliance General Insurance and many more.

Saving Corner sells financial products like Savings Account, Insurance, Loan, Credit Card and Investments. It helps users to start their business with zero investments, instant commissions and flexible payments. Regular trainings are given with dedicated account manager for a hassle-free purchasing experience.

The website design should be simple yet modern with a user-friendly layout. It should be optimized for different devices. To enable users to connect and exchange their views, a contact details section should also be provided.

Logo Design

Color Pallete

A well-crafted color palette can help the brand to stand out from the competition. As a fintech company, website's color scheme should be consistent throughout all of its features to establish a strong visual identity and improve brand identification.

We chose Navy Blue shades of colors in designing our logo and testimonials to build trust among the audience and develop a sense of professionalism, stability and reliability for our brand. The use of purple signifies luxury, wealth and independence. To highlight purity, simplicity and cleanliness, the color white is added to the palette.

Users can explore and comprehend the website's content more easily by using the color palette to establish contrast and hierarchy. The website is able to establish a visual hierarchy that directs the user's attention by using various colors for headings, links, and other elements.


My Approach

We plan on following a systematic and step-oriented approach for designing this website.

Firstly, a roadmap for the website has been designed with detailed specifications asked by the client. Color palette with navy blue, purple and white shades has been chosen which will help in building trust and reliability. In the third step, our approach is to finalize the layout for a website in a user-friendly manner, considering the navigational aspect as well. As for the fourth step, we decided to add the contact details for the users to contact with company in case of any query or to share their experiences and reviews.

In the last step, the Quality Assurance Team will test the website’s performance and reliability with their various tools. After analyzing the results of all the tests, we’ll wait for the final confirmation from the client to deploy the website on the public domain.

The Solution

With deep understanding and research, website of Saving corner is designed to be both efficiently functional and aesthetically pleasing, keeping in mind both the user`s needs and brand`s message.

In the initial stage, the layout for the website was designed taking into account the clients’ demands and considerations. The reason behind color palette and typography used was to keep the layout for the website simple yet modern and to show professionalism while building trust and reliability among the audience. To ensure better understanding among the audience, a short video has been added to the homepage. Also, a brief description about the joining process is also added for a hassle-free procedure.

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